Whatever Good Things We Build End Up Building Us


Happy family walking outside their home and smiling

A building is much more than the individual parts that go into it. It has a purpose that can change with time, as people move through it and project their own desires and needs upon it. Jim Rohn, a world-renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker, loved to say, “Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

The core sentiment behind this power statement is that we exist as part of the world around us. Our homes serve as the foundation through we identify ourselves and build the familial bonds that truly serve as a testament of the love and dedication shared.

No Family, and No Home, is Like Another

The average first time home buyer is looking for a place to raise a child, while still building upon the bonds of marriage (or long term relationship) that have only recently be planted. A good home will reflect the interests and needs of the family as it stands, and allows for growth in the future.

When deciding upon your unique path, understand that a home will last for as long as you need it. Dream big, and talk with your spouse about what you may need in the future. Will there be another child? How about having a study, for when one of you finally starts that company you always talk about?

There is no limit to what a home can be. In this fast paced world, it can be a place of respite, an extension of the office, or a place to socialize. For many, it is often all three, on the same day.

A custom home, with thoughts to the future, can make a monumental difference in how your family develops, for it is within the walls and under the roof where the best memories are formed.

Allow Nothing to Stand in Your Way

“A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.” – Louis Kahn.

One of the greatest minds in American architecture in the mid-20th century, Louis Kahn shepherded the nation from being a predominately rural, agricultural environment to being an urban, industrial driven society through beautiful buildings stretching from industrial plants, to civic centers. His buildings served as both testament to human ingenuity, and as inspiration for several generations of builders, engineers, and architects.

He understood on an instinctive level that a home, or any building really, is much more than just the cement, wood, and metal that went into it. It is filled with the hopes and dreams of the people inside the building, and grows in conjunction with the inhabitants.

Any home first exists as a dream without a dwelling. Your love for your family, even without knowing how large it will become, serves as a catalyst through which a building is designed. From napkin sketches to advanced CAD designs, the preliminary home design is a work of love often years in the making.

By the time a professional sees this dream, it is often a matter of finding the best to make it a reality.

Take the Step From Dreams to Reality

When it is time to move from an apartment to a home, a true home built to meet your present and future needs, then the right team is essential for success. A good team will have seasoned professionals with the understanding of the local environment, and is ready to help shape your vision, no matter how crystal sharp or murky it may be, into something that will stand the test and time.

A quality home will allow your family to grow in the comfort of knowing that their dwelling is made especially for them, and their needs.

If you truly desire a home made by the best, one that exceeds both your functional and aesthetic expectations, then contact JBR Construction to turn your dream into a reality today.