January is the month of intentions. That new fitness goal. That job promotion. It’s great to set the bar high but there’s got to be some practical ways of getting there. Here are some helpful hints in not just reaching those goals but to stay motivated to keep them throughout the year:

  1. Be realistic. Sure, we’d all love to shed 20lbs in a month but it’s unrealistic and also unhealthy. Make little goals like eating a salad at 11am everyday. Or start by heading to the gym twice a week first then five days a week after a month or so. You can always start small and move up from there.
  2. Use self-control. There’s a science to it. Don’t stare and drool at the foods you’d like to eat or those cigarettes you’re trying to quit – focus on something else entirely. Discover a new hobby or rediscover an old one. Try a new DIY project, pick up a new book, or go for a long walk – there’s a whole world out there!
  3. Just do it! There will always be excuses as to why you can’t do this or that. They say there are two days in the year you can’t do anything about: yesterday and tomorrow. The time is now! Carpe diem people.