Feature Walls

They’re easier than you think. Feature walls create a dramatic focal point in the room and often characterize an entire space. It’s important that whatever kind of feature wall you choose, make sure you keep the rest of the room relatively neutral so that the feature wall can stand out.

To keep it simple, I’ve divided some of my favorite feature walls into 3 categories: bold colours, wallpapers, and textures.



These are probably the easiest feature wall to create. Pick a bold colour and paint! Make sure the other three walls of the room are the same colour and are relatively neutral.






If you’re like me, almost anything that’s shiny catches my eye. Shiny wallpapers have been trending for the last little while – and thank goodness their easy to match. Pair these shiny elements with other shiny elements like a mirrored side table or a decorative mirror.






Some of the most creative ideas have been invested into textured feature walls. It ranges from an over-scaled headboard made of wooden planks to an entire wall filled with live plants (with an integrated water system).