Warren Barrow

Managing Partner

About Warren

Warren is responsible for ensuring all site operations are performing on schedule and budget. He has over 20 years of construction experience, leading projects as a senior site manager with residential and commercial builders throughout the lower mainland. His completed works have ranged from high value resort homes to complex commercial and multi-family projects with values ranging from $2.1 to $18.5 million.

About Dominique

Dominque performs both duties of Senior Project Manager and Project Director. He has over 25 years of construction experience and has served as the former Canadian Wood Council Liaison to Europe. Dominque has completed projects ranging from high-end custom residential to commercial and multi-family, with values between $1.2 to $18.5 million.


Project Director

Mark Sullivan

Project Manager

About Mark

Mark oversees the project from the planning stage to completion. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry ranging from residential housing to commercial and multi-family projects valued between $2.1 to $40 million. Mark holds a CIPM (Certified International Project Manager) designation.

About Brenden

Brenden manages subcontractors and the project team by providing daily direction and support to ensure project specifications, budgets, and deadlines are met. He has worked on a variety of projects, from residential to commercial and multi-family, with values ranging between $1.3 to $19.5 million. Brenden holds a Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management and a Diploma in Business Administration.

Brenden Melanson

Jr. Project Manager

Nicola Cohen

Project Coordinator

About Nicola

Nicola’s primary role is to assist the project manager in ensuring the client’s objectives are met. Nicola coordinates subcontractors and ensures deadlines are met throughout the project. She has worked on residential, commercial, and multi-family projects ranging in value from $2.1 to $18.5 million. Nicola holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and is designated as a LEED Green Associate.

About Thomas

Thomas’ primary role is to assist the project manager in ensuring the client’s objectives are met. Thomas coordinates and communicates with subcontractors and site staff throughout the project. He has worked on multiple projects valued between $1.2 to $13.5 million. Thomas holds a Diploma in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology.

Thomas Szuk

Project Coordinator

Matt Kokan


About Matt

Matt Kokan is the principal of GeoPacific Consultants and is a partner in JBR. GeoPacific has grown to include two offices, 40 staff and a testing laboratory. With close to 5000 projects under his direction, Matt has a wealth of management and geotechnical engineering experience across the Lower Mainland, BC, Alberta, Ontario, Washington, and California. Matt has been involved in numerous building restoration projects, particularly in the Downtown Vancouver core. Matt provides executive management to JBR helping guide the company on the same principles he established at GeoPacific.

About Elliott

Elliott is responsible for the financial aspects of JBR. This includes but is not limited to the corporate strategy, accounting, financing (debt, equity), and certain operational items. Elliott was originally an engineer who turned to finance and has spent many years in the investment banking industry prior to entering the construction industry with JBR.

Elliott Routly