General Contracting & Construction Management.

JBR Construction embodies an accumulation of knowledge and experience in construction practice that has yielded a preeminent portfolio of completed residences and commercial buildings.

A Little About Us

Founded in 2012, the practice was inspired by the desire to provide the highest quality craft, service and efficiency. Principals Matt Kokan and Warren Barrow have assembled a team of highly skilled individuals at JBR Construction. This unique, focused team strives to be recognized as a leader, while integrating progressive building concepts, technologies, and tools. From these core ideals, JBR has shaped its sole purpose: to provide premium service, that facilitates and realizes Architecture.

From the beginning, the practice has successfully taken on ambitious and complex projects, setting the highest standard of general contracting and construction management services for our clientele. To learn more please get in touch.

Why Build with JBR?

  • Leadership

    JBR represents an accumulation of knowledge and experience in construction practice. One of the keys to a successful construction project is strong leadership and management. JBR prides itself as being one of the leading privately run construction management firms in British Columbia.

  • Relationships

    Our services create lasting value and have resulted in equally lasting relationships. Many of our clients have engaged us for multiple projects or have continued to utilize our support indefinitely as their needs change.

  • Privacy

    We take our client’s privacy seriously. Any images or information related to our engagements is released only with the approval of our clientele. For more information regarding our services, please contact us directly.


We see our projects as active engagements with our partners, as part of a dialogue between a design that that fully expresses our clients vision and the complete built environment. By partnering with leading architects and designers, we’ve created a culture that’s open to new ideas.


  • McLeod Bovell
    Modern Homes
  • GH2
  • MCMP
  • Marque Thompson
    Design & Consulting
  • Acton Ostry
  • Peter Chu
  • Blackwell


  • Cabin Fever
  • Integrated
    Design Studio
  • Janks
    Design Group
  • Domain Creative
    Design Services
  • McCutcheon
    Design Group
  • Van Sickle
    Design Consultants
  • Grace Sikich
    Interior Design Consultants
  • Crosland Doak
  • Debbie Evans
  • Nigel Walker
  • Nicole Volpe

Warren Barrow

Managing Partner

Meet the Principal

Warren is responsible for ensuring all site operations are performing on schedule and budget. He has over 20 years of construction experience, leading projects as a senior site manager with residential and commercial builders throughout the lower mainland. His completed works have ranged from high value resort homes to complex commercial and multi-family projects with values ranging from $2.1 to $18.5 million.

Meet the rest of our team